Philosophy and Science Department
Lv Pengzhi

  Lv Pengzhi

  Professor of Philosophy and History Research Institute 

  Master’s and doctoral supervisor

  Director of Chinese Religious Research Center

He received bachelor's degree of arts in Peking University, and got his doctor’s degree of Philosophy in Sichuan University. His research orientation includes Taoist literature, Taoism, history of Taoism and Chinese Religion. Recently, his research focuses on celestial-master taoism, Gringotts Book, history of Taoism ceremony and existed Taoism ceremony. He has published monographs Outline of Taoism Ceremony History before Tang and Philosophy of Taoism. He translated Chronicles of Western Taoism Study, and collaborated with other author on the book Taoism Ceremony of Xianying Ray Altar in Qiping, Tonggu County, Jiangxi Province. Lv Pengzhi also edited Essay Collections for International Academic Conference of “Comparison Study on Local Taoism Ceremony Survey”, cooperated with others to edit Early Chinese Religion Part Two: The Period of Division and The Book of Taoism Ceremony. In addition, ad one of the executed editor commeetti, he editoed and published the seventh album of The French Sinology: History of Religion. More than 80 papers and translations by Lv Pengzhi have been published on  domestic and foreign academic magzines such as T’oung-pao, Cashiers d’Extreme-Asie, Studies in Chinese Religions, Collected Papers of “Academia Sinica” Historical Language Research Institution, Literature and History, Studies on World Religions, and Religious Studies. Among them, 4 papers were collected by A&HCI, 34 by CSSCI and 9 were forwarded to People’s Universitiy printed materials Religions.