Philosophy and Science Department
Li Renfei

♣  Faculty Profile

Li Renfei, male, was born in August 1963, is a native of Shenyang, Liaoning Province.

He is a Master and an Associate Professor.

In May 1988, he received a Master's degree from the Department of Communication and Control Engineering, Northern Jiaotong University.

He has been working at Southwest Jiaotong University since 1988.

♣ Thesis results

1. Design and Analysis of Topological Measurability of Analog Circuits, Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University, 1992, No. 2

2. Three Important Strategic Principles in the Art of War, Journal of Chengdu Administrative College, 2004, No. 3

3. Pot bottom Tuner's eating love, "Sichuan Cooking", 2005, four serials

4. Human-oriented wisdom from Guan Zhong's management thought, Management Digest, 2017, No. 4

5. Enter the spiritual world of the ancients, starting from the clothes, China Youth Daily "Chinese clothes" column 2019.10.17

6. Why did Qin Shi Huang abolish the coronet invented by the Yellow Emperor? China Youth Daily "Chinese clothes" column 2019.10.18

7. The twelve chapters of the pattern created by Shun contain the mysterious energy of governing and cultivating the body? China Youth Daily "Chinese clothes" column 2019.11.08

8. Wei and Jin celebrities loved to wear scarves, Su Dongpo was a Song Dynasty "fashion curiosity", China Youth Daily "Chinese clothes" column 2019.12.06

9. A lesson on dressing from a hundred scholars, "Chinese clothes" column of China Youth Daily, 24.12.2019

10. How did the "leader" go from being a garment part to a leader? China Youth Daily "China Clothes" column 2020.01.07

11. "Advanced colors" of Chinese clothes for 5,000 years, the column of "Chinese clothes" in China Youth Daily, 2020.01.21

12. "Yellow robe plus body" is not the original Zhao Kuangyin, Li Shimin did not wear the dragon robe? China Youth Daily "Chinese clothes" column 2020.02.21

13. The great wisdom of the heaven and earth, "China Youth Daily" column "China Clothes" 2020.02.28

14. The beautiful "weavers", China Youth Daily, "China's clothes" column 2020.04.03

15. Aesthetics, Emotions and Politics on Clothing Patterns, China Youth Daily, "Chinese Clothes" column, 2020.04.14

16. The big history in the small blue cloth jacket, China Youth Daily, "China's Clothes" column 2020.05.19

17. Hanfu or Hufu, from 2300 years ago, China Youth Daily, "Chinese Clothes" column 2020.06.23

18. A pomegranate skirt of Wu Zetian changed the history of the Tang Dynasty, China Youth Daily, "China's Clothes" column, 2020.07.10

19. Dragon totem "promotion" on the emperor's costume, China Youth Daily "Chinese clothes" column 2020.09.01

20. Morality, hierarchy and culture in a sash, China Youth Daily, "Chinese Clothes" column, 2020.09.15

21. They stepped into history with wooden clogs, China Youth Daily, "China's Clothes" column 2020.10.13

22. Putting on the neon dress, she wants to become a phoenix, China Youth Daily, "China Clothes" column, 2020.10.27

23. What kind of pants to wear was a problem in ancient times, China Youth Daily "Chinese clothes" column 2020, 11, 09

24. Give history a chance, strange clothes can be fashionable new clothes, "China Youth Daily" column "Chinese clothes" 2020.11.24

25. Duke Qi Huan, Guan Zhong, and Bao Shu, who do you choose? China Youth Daily 2020.07.21

♣ Published Monographs

1. 2020, Monograph, the Wisdom of Yanzi (Qilu Book Company, 2020)

2. 2019, Monograph, Through the Spring and Autumn Period Pinning Guanzhong (China Youth Publishing House, 2019)

3. 2017, Monograph, Chinese Clothes (China Youth Publishing House, 2017)

4. 2011, Monograph, "Learning Management from Guan Zhong" (Sunshine Publishing, 2011)

5. 2010, CD-ROM, the Way to Dominance - Learning Management from Guanzi (China Science and Culture Audio and Video Publishing House, 2010)

6. 2009, Monograph, "A Good Life is Planned" (Earthquake Press, 2009)

♣ Other results

I. Public Services

In 2007, he recorded the course "Website Profit Model" with the TV program "Frontier Seminar" covering 118 TV stations nationwide, and broadcasted it to the whole country.

In 2010, he once again collaborated with Frontier Lectures and recorded the series of courses "Learning Management from Guanzi", which was broadcast to the whole country. It was very well received.

From December 2012 to June 2014, he collaborated with CCTV's "Hundred Lectures", recorded a 7-episode TV lecture series "Famous Minister Yan Ying" and broadcast it to the whole country. It ranked second in the quarterly ratings.

From October 2015 to January 2016, the catechism "Guan Zhong's Management Thought" was offered on the "China University MOOC Network" sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and ranked 13th in the global Chinese catechism in the authoritative media rating statistics. Later on, it was selected as one of the "National Quality Open Courses".

From June 2016 to March 2017, He was invited as an academic guest of the large-scale TV series "Qilu Family Style" sponsored by the Propaganda Department of Shandong Provincial Party Committee. The program was broadcasted on several TV stations, including Shandong TV, CCTV, and Qinghai TV.

From February to March 2017, cooperated with CCTV's "100 Lectures" again and recorded a 15-episode TV lecture series "Chinese Clothes" for national broadcast, ranked No. 1 in the annual viewership of The 100 Lectures in 2017.

From February to June 2017, he was interviewed by China Youth Daily, China TV News, Sichuan Daily, Chengdu Business News, Youth Digest, and many other media, and the information was reproduced on nearly 100 websites, including People's Daily,,, and China Youth Online.

In June 2017, he was invited by the Propaganda Department of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, as one of the nine experts in the field of humanities in Sichuan, participated in the consultation meeting of the Sichuan cultural construction project program and Sichuan celebrity project.

In July 2017, he participated in the recording of CCTV 4's "Journey of Culture" program "Approaching Hanfu", to be broadcasted.

In August 2017, the catechism "Chinese Clothes-Traditional Costume Culture" was selected as a "National Quality Open Course" on the "China University MOOC Network" sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It was also selected as the "Most Beautiful MOC" by China Education News, China Education TV, and China University MOC Network.

In February 2019, he cooperated with CCTV for the third time, and the 18-episode TV lecture "Through the Spring and Autumn Period and Pinning Guanzhong" was broadcasted in the "100 Lectures" program.

From October 17, 2019, to November 24, 2020, he started the column "China's Clothes" in China Youth Daily, published 20 articles with nearly 80,000 words. Some of the articles have been reprinted in many newspapers and magazines. Reader", "Youth Text", "Writer's Digest", "Yilin", "Leader's Digest", "Banner Digest", "People's Life", "Selected Fictional Writings", "Reading and Composition", "Contemporary Students", "Chinese and Foreign Literature Digest", "Today's Digest", "Chinese and Foreign Book Digest", "Student World", "Happy Youth", "Guangxi Workers' Daily", "National Defense Times", "China Civil Aviation News".

In January 2020, the monograph "Chinese Clothes" was selected for the "Eighth National Award for Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements in Colleges and Universities" (the Ministry of Education has not yet announced the final results).

Beginning in October 2020, the fourth time in cooperation with CCTV, the eight-episode lecture series "Jiang Ziya" would be recorded and is expected to be broadcast in 2021.

II. Social work and honorary titles

1995, he received the Construction Award of Southwest Jiaotong University.

In 2004, he was selected as a national IT elite person by Computer News.

In 2009, he was selected as one of the "Top Ten Trainers in China" by the TV program "Frontier Lectures".

In 2010, he was appointed as the honorary director of Guanzhong Memorial Hall in Zibo, Shandong Province, and was employed as a consultant by the Chinese Guanzi Culture Promotion Association.

In 2011, he was hired as an adjunct professor by the Institute of Qi Culture of Shandong University of Technology.

In 2011, he was selected as the "National Outstanding National Studies Instructor" by the "Frontier Lectures" TV program.

In 2011, he was elected as the vice-chairman of the National Training Federation.

In 2014, he was appointed as an "external tutor" by Yanying Primary School in Zibo City.

In 2015, he was awarded "Outstanding Teacher" by "China University MOOC Network".

In 2016, he was appointed as a "Distinguished Researcher" by the National Soft Power Research Center of Peking University.

In 2016, he was awarded "Outstanding Teacher" again by "China University MOOC Network".

From 2014 to 2017, he was appointed as "National Studies Tutor" by Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and many other universities.

In 2019, he was appointed as "Distinguished Professor" by Xingchi Silk Road Institute.

In 2019, he was appointed as a "special researcher" by the Institute of Qi Culture in Zibo, Shandong Province.

♣ Teaching Experience

In 1989, he was the main instructor of the course "Railway Signals" in the Department of Transportation.

In 1990, he was the main instructor of the course "Introduction to Communication" in the Department of Transportation, and wrote the textbook "Introduction to Communication.

In 1990, he was the course "Principles of Microcomputers" was introduced for traffic engineering students in the Department of Transportation.

In 2007, he was a new elective course "Website Operation" was offered for the whole university.

In 2009, he was a new course "Career Choice, Job Application and Employment" was started for the whole school.

In 2011, he was a new humanities elective course "Guanzhong's Management Thought" was offered for the whole university.

In 2015, he was the new general education course "Chinese Traditional Costume Culture" was started for the whole university.