Philosophy and Science Department
Xiang Zhongmin

Xiang Zhongmin Associate Researcher Master's Supervisor

School of Humanities, Southwest Jiaotong University

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Teaching-research Office: Institute of Philosophy and History    

Native Place: Sichuan Province/Nanchong City/Nanbu County

Final Graduation School: Sichuan University

Graduation Major: Philosophy (Religious Studies)

Teacher's Remarks: I intend to share with you with several remarks in the Record on the Subject of Learning: Therefore, after deep study, I know that my virtue is insufficient, and after teaching and educating people, I know that my knowledge is not prudent. Only when I know that my virtue is insufficient can I reflect on myself, and only when I know that my knowledge is not accessible can I make determined efforts myself.

Office Phone:  66367597



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Mailing Address:  Graduate School of Southwest Jiaotong University, Western Park, Chengdu High-tech Zone, Sichuan Province

Teacher Profile

Xiang Zhongmin, male, was born in 1973, Nanchong, Sichuan; he is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (graduated from Institute of Taoism and Religious Culture Sichuan University in 2007), Associate Researcher, Master's Supervisor, and Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Humanities, Southwest Jiaotong University.

Main research directions: Confucian philosophy, Taoist philosophy, and university culture; he published a dozen academic papers in Confucius Studies, Religious Studies, Social Science Research, and Theoretical Front In Higher Education; presided over and principally studied 8 provincial and ministerial-level topics, and published an academic monograph entitled Research on the Relationship between Taoism and Politics in the Two Song Dynasties (People's Publishing House) and a personal cultural essay TIANGENGSHANGDE ZHEERGEN (Southwest Jiaotong University Press).

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Research Fields

Main Research Directions: Confucian philosophy, Taoist philosophy, and university culture.

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03. Chinese Philosophy


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