Music Department
Gan Lin

Gan Lin is a member of the Chinese Communist Party, an associate professor, a member of the Chinese Musicians Association, a director of the Sichuan Musicians Association, and a director of the Chengdu Musicians Association.
   From 1990 to 1994, he studied in the Department of Music of Southwest Normal University (now the School of Music of Southwest University), graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University in July 1994, and was assigned to work in the College of Economics and Management, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Student Work Office, College of Arts and Communication, College of Humanities, Zhu Kezhen College and Mao Yisheng College. He has served as the secretary of the General Branch of the Youth League, the assistant director and deputy director of the Student Affairs Department, the vice president of the College of Arts and Communication and the College of Humanities, the executive vice president of Zhu Kezhen College, and the secretary of the Party General Branch of Mao Yisheng College.

He held many solo concerts, participated in provincial and municipal large-scale cultural performances, and won awards in many vocal music competitions. Won the 8th "Big Red Eagle" Cup National Youth Singer TV Grand Prix Outstanding Singer Award, the "Voice of Lijiang" Southwest Youth Singer TV Grand Prix Bronze Award, the National "First Art" Push Gold Medal of the National Grand Prix for Newcomers, National Finals of the Ethnic Vocal Group, and the Gold Medal of the Western China Folk Song Singing Competition, etc. He traveled to France, Austria, and Sweden for artistic exchanges and concerts, and won praise from his artistic peers. He published albums of personal music works, such as "Traces of the Heart", and "Bells Ringing in the Rain".
He won the first prize of teaching achievement of Southwest Jiaotong University, "Tang Lixin Excellent Teacher" of Southwest Jiaotong University, "Top Ten Young Teachers of Chengdu City" and "Advanced Individual of Sichuan School Art Education Work".