Music Department
Hu Hong

Name: Hu Hong

Title: Associate Professor

Personal Information

Hu Hong is a Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology, Associate Professor, Master's Supervisor, currently Vice President of School of Humanities, and she is chiefly specialized in Ethnomusicology Theory and Chinese Traditional Music Research.

Director of Sichuan Piano Institute; Communication Evaluation Expert of dissertations in Degree and Postgraduate Education Development Center of Ministry of Education; Admissions Judge of art (music) majors in colleges and universities in Sichuan Province; Assessment Expert of Guangzhou Education Assessment and Teacher Continuing Education Guidance Center; Evaluation Expert of Undergraduate Courses at Southwest Jiaotong University; she went to Minzu University of China and George Mason University in the United States for academic exchanges and visits in 2008 and 2015 as a visiting scholar and obtained a certificate of visiting scholar.

In recent years, she has published 1 academic monograph; 2 teaching materials for music majors; 2 music collections; 1 collection of papers (Deputy Editor); published more than ten papers in Art of Music: Journal of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (2004), Symphony: Journal of Xi'an Conservatory of Music (2011, 2013, 2017), Music Creation: Chinese Musicians Association (2013), Sichuan Drama (2009, 2010), Grand Stage (2013) and other authoritative core journals, CSSCI journals and core journals of music; read papers many times at international and domestic academic conferences; presided over 2 provincial-level projects in Southwest Music Research Center, Sichuan Key Research Base of Social Sciences and Sichuan Multicultural Research Center, Sichuan Key Research Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences; chiefly studied 6 provincial-level projects such as Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund Project of Ministry of Education, Folk Culture Research Center Project of Sichuan Key Research Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences, and Education Reform Project of the Education Department of Sichuan Province, as well as multiple school-level education reform projects.

In 2011, as a class tutor, she was awarded with the title of "School-level Excellent Instructor of Internship Team"; 2012: won the title of "School-level Excellent Instructor of the Sixth SRTP Research and Training for College Students; In 2015 & 2017, she won the first prize of the School of Humanities in the Young Teachers Lecture Competition of Southwest Jiaotong University twice; besides, she was awarded the title of "Outstanding Party Member" at school level and college level for many times, and has been rated as "outstanding" in the annual assessment and post-employment assessment of the college and department for many times.