Communication Department
Li Jian'ai


Li Jian'ai Associate Professor Master's Supervisor

School of Humanities, Southwest Jiaotong University

Teaching-research Office: Department of Communication    

Native Place: Sichuan Province

Final Graduation School: Renmin University of China    

Graduation Major: Aesthetics

Teacher's Remarks: teaching benefits teachers as well as students

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Mailing Address:  Graduate School of Southwest Jiaotong University, Western Park, Chengdu High-tech Zone, Sichuan Province


Teacher Profile

In June 2008: she graduated from the major of Aesthetics, School of Philosophy of Renmin University of China with a Ph.D.; a member of Chinese Society for Aesthetics, a member of Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Art, and a member of Film and Television Education Committee of China Association of Higher Education.

She chiefly worked on the teaching and research of genre films, film theory and criticism, film and television communication, women's films and other fields.

In recent years: she published more than 20 academic papers such as "On China Disaster Film in Comparative Perspective", "Avatar Aesthetics: Stitching up the Core of Technological Packaging and Myth Prototype", "Analysis on the Text Characteristics of Domestic Low-cost Comedy Films", "Queer Interpretation of Silver Ornaments", "Feminine Mirror Image and Post-feminism of Almodovar", "Postmodern Film World of Cai Mingliang: From Rebels of the Neon God to I Don't Want to Sleep Alone", "Crazy Stones: A Postmodern Film Text of Chinese Characteristics" and "On the Evolution of Female Body Narrative Discourse from the History of Female Directors' Image Writing in New China";

She published two monographs, Genre Inheritance and Concept Consciousness: Genre Analysis and Theoretical Construction of Chinese Genre Films (Southwest Jiaotong University Press, January 2017) and Postmodern Cinema: A Cultural Spectacle of the Consuming Society (Sichuan People's Publishing House, May 2009); co-authored the Research on Thoughts and Phenomena about Chinese Contemporary Movies (1979-2009) (China Film Press, July 2013), Introduction to Aesthetics (Beijing Normal University Press, June 2009), Film: An Introduction (Zhejiang University Press, August 2009), Theoretical Basis of Film (China Film Press, September 2009), and Perception, Body and Urban Space (Anhui Education Press, October 2009).

She was engaged in the compilation of a textbook (The Readings in Aesthetics, China Renmin University Press, May 2008); besides, she presided over or chiefly studied the "Research on Creative Production and Audience Acceptance of Chinese Genre Films in the Context of Industrialization", "Genre Analysis of Chinese Genre Films and Theoretical Construction of Chinese Film Genres", "Research on Chinese Films in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening-up (1978-2008)", "Research on Thoughts about Chinese Movies since the New Period", "The Vision of "Them": Female Films and Gender Identity", "Research on the Theories and Thoughts of World Film Theory" and other provincial, ministerial and school-level social science projects.


Research Fields

Genre Film, Film and Television Communication, Film Theory and Criticism, Female Film


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Journalism and Communication


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Journalism and Communication


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Journalism and Communication


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She is indeed passionate about scientific research.