The College of Humanities Is Ready for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases

Date: March 26, 2021

AIDS, tuberculosis and so on are common infectious diseases in clinical practice, which seriously threaten human health. The National Health Committee has pointed out that the situation of prevention and control of major infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and AIDS is still grim. According to the school's "notice on the theme class meeting about the prevention of AIDS and tuberculosis", in order to enhance the awareness rate of young students and teachers on tuberculosis and AIDS prevention and control, and the ability of self-protection for infectious diseases, the College of Humanities attaches great importance to it. The college integrates "prevention of infectious diseases" into class meetings, and effectively promotes the publicity and education activities of infectious diseases prevention.

1Understand infectious diseases and prevent them from the source.

“March 24th of this year is the twenty-sixth "World TB Day". Do students know about tuberculosis? "This is a problem that appears in the theme class meeting of class 2 in the grade of 2018 majoring in advertising, which focuses on the prevention of major infectious diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis. And it is also a miniature of the class meeting to publicize the main topic of infectious disease prevention. In the implementation of publicity and education activities, all classes of the College of Humanities adhere to the guidance of improving students' awareness of prevention, starting from the types, causes, ways, preventive measures and other aspects of common infectious diseases. At the same time, in order to make in-depth understanding of infectious diseases, the college emphasizes the correct treatment of infectious diseases and sick groups. In daily study and life, students should enhance their awareness of self-protection, understand how to prevent infectious diseases, and establish a correct outlook on life, morality and social responsibility.

2Take various forms of publicity based on their own major

How to carry out the theme class meeting in a way that students are willing to accept is one of the key jobs of the college. In this regard, according to the characteristics of contemporary college students, the college adopts the way of "teaching students in accordance with their aptitude" in the implementation of specific educational activities. Based on the characteristics of the major, they prefer to use short videos, popular science animation, graphic reading, issuing reading manuals and other publicity means to get close to students and strengthen students' participation. At the same time, many classes take questions and answers, fill out questionnaires (questionnaire on effectiveness of AIDS health education for young students) and so on to understand students' familiarity with knowledge about infectious diseases, so as to enhance students' awareness of infectious diseases. In addition, the publicity platform of the official WeChat official account, such as "Art Point", "the major infectious diseases such as AIDS prevention and tuberculosis" was also launched in the same time, creating a strong learning atmosphere. While enriching the forms of education, the college leads students to learn relevant knowledge in depth. It can be said that various publicity means have played a practical role in the education of infectious diseases prevention.

3“Online + Offline”, joint construction between classes

Under the careful organization and overall arrangement of the College of Humanities, each class relies on the network platform, teaching classroom, multimedia and other resources to carry out related theme activities. With the help of a variety of communication carriers and the use of “Online + Offline” learning mode, students' interactivity has been effectively enhanced and the learning coverage has been improved. 2020 graduate students of Chinese and communication philosophy classes, 2018 Chinese language and literature class 1, class 2 and other classes have carried out joint construction to improve the vitality of the class and effectively condense the strength of the class. Thus, they are able to achieve the purpose of prevention of infectious diseases education, strengthen the communication effect, make it achieve the actual effect of "1 + 1 > 2", and solidly promote the education activities in the whole college students.

In this educational activity, all grades and classes of the College of Humanities carried out in-depth education activities on prevention of infectious diseases in strict accordance with the requirements of the college. From content to form, from individuals to the whole, more than 1400 undergraduates and postgraduates of the college have basically achieved full education and coverage. However, the educational activities on the prevention of infectious diseases are not over. In the future about the ideological and political education activities, it is still necessary to strengthen the learning of relevant knowledge to form a normal learning. The college is committed to serving students and caring for students, so as to improve their awareness and ability of self-protection of infectious diseases.