Great Love Is Boundless, and the College of Humanities Has a Warm Heart ——Record the Humanity Teachers and Students on the Night of Nucleic Acid Detection

Date: December 11, 2020

From the evening of December 10 to the morning of December 11, 2020, under the unified deployment of Chengdu Municipal Prevention and Control Office and the school, all staff of the College of Humanities carried out nucleic acid detection in an orderly manner. On this unforgettable night, the teachers and students were deeply moved to see the medical staff coming from all over the world to support them, taking fallen leaves as quilt and cold clothes as pillow, sticking to their posts and fighting all night. On this unforgettable night, the teachers and students of the College of Humanities also gathered their true feelings and cultural support with their own efforts and wrote every bit of the fight against the epidemic in poetry, music and video. As the teachers and students said, "this is not only a battle without gunpowder, but also the most vivid patriotic education!"

Sleepless Night of Study and Work Group: Several Young People Who Always Struggle in the Front Line.

Humanities workers (from left to right): Guo Lichang, Wang Xiaoyan, Liu hanyue, Liu Shuang, Lu Qin, Li Shenglan, Lin Mao

After receiving the work of nucleic acid testing organization, the student working group moved quickly and became the "most lovely people" in the cold night.

Guo Lichang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, led the counselors to organize the students to participate in nucleic acid testing all night. When the work came to an end, he arranged for the counselors and teachers to go home to rest, but he went back to the office alone to continue to work. Until noon, he still worked overtime to organize the statistics of the participation in the testing. After receiving the work notice, Wang Xiaoyan, a graduate counselor, immediately drove 24 kilometers back to school and went into battle without a minute's delay. Several other counselors, some teachers had twins at home crying for food, and some teachers revised the defense draft to the early morning the night before. However, after receiving the work, they didn't have a hesitation or a complaint, and they devoted themselves to the cold wind of Xipu with a high sense of responsibility.

Many Poems: Were Dedicated to the Most Beautiful Fighters

In the circle of friends of teachers and students of Southwest Jiaotong University, in the official microblog, in the microblog of "big V" of West China Hospital, and in the microblog of Liao Zhilin, director of the propaganda and United Front Work Department of the Party Committee, there are two impromptu poems "dedicated to the most beautiful rebel"

Associate Professor Shen Ruquan, member of the CPC Committee, Vice President and Teacher of the Chinese Department, wrote: "the poison comes suddenly in the morning, but we swear to eliminate it. The most beautiful retrograde doctor, after an order to check all night. Even if there is no moon, the wind is chilly, and the fragrance of plum blossom has not yet been sent out, people in white clothes form an array.

Fu Pinjing, Chairman of the Trade Union of the college, Vice Chairman of the Foundation Branch of the 93 Society of Southwest Jiaotong University and Associate Professor of Chinese Department, wrote: "Your retrograde figure is full of strength. There is an eagle hidden and full of responsibility. Your serious figure is shining. Every subject is illuminated by you. Your tired figure flows hope but lurks in the depths of the stars and the moon. The surging river breeds the singing of prosperous markets.

Just as Duan Liping, Associate Professor who promoted the second class of "Poetry Teahouse" and a Party Member Teacher of Chinese Department, said, "Special days need literature and poetry to record." Netizens were also moved by our teacher's talent. They said, "It's a good poem. I didn't expect that the Humanities College of Southwest Jiaotong University also had talented men still remained in concealment!"

What Is the Ideological and Political Course? This Is It.

Just this morning when the nucleic acid test was completed, the "Cover News" app, the top ten most influential mainstream media in China, sent two video news in succession: "after the nucleic acid test was finished overnight, Southwest Jiaotong University students recorded videos to cheer for Chengdu" and "Southwest Jiaotong University finished the nucleic acid test overnight, and the students lined up in order." In the official microblog push of "Cover News", the number of the first video reading continued to rise, breaking through 1.4 million in less than three hours.

These two video works were from the undergraduate students majoring in communication of grade 2019 in the College of Humanities (Wang Maoxuan, Hu Chenghao, Chen Caiguang, Lin Zitong, Qin Mengtian, Hu Jinjia, Cao Ting, etc.), which was also the course assignment of "Integrated Journalism" directed by Zhu Yaxi, a Party Member teacher in the Department of Communication. Under the teacher's careful guidance, the students keenly grasped the topic of "Cheer for Chengdu" and made videos with their own experience, integrating ideological and political elements into them.

In the 30 second short video, the voice of the students is sonorous: "no winter will not pass, no spring will not come, come on, Southwest Jiaotong University! Xipu, come on! Chengdu, come on!” After a semester's study, a night's shooting and a morning's editing, teachers and students cooperated to hand over a satisfactory answer to the ideological and political course.

Artist's Wish: Silent War, Sentimental Singing

In the College of Humanities, there are also such a group of artists who turn their deep love for medical workers into beautiful melody and light of love. Their songs are sung on CCTV, Netease and other media platforms - Praise of Nanshan (created by Xiang Zhongmin, Shen Ruquan, Zhou Hai, Ding Xuyang, Xu Xiaobo Jiang Yanwei, etc.), and Song of White Clothes (created by Guo Lichang, Zhou Hai, Wang Yuling, etc.), Going to the National Calamity Together (Gan Lin, Zhou Hai, etc.), the Spring of 2020 (created by Gan Lin, Liu Feiyun, Ding Xuyang, Zhou Hai, Xu Xiaobo, Jiang Yanwei, etc.), the Light of Love (created by Guo Qingbo, Chen Wenjie, Sun Yi, Wang Qiang, etc.), Faith (by Wang Yang, etc.), Thank you (by Zhang Fan, Yang Zili, etc.) Who is the Most Beautiful (by Zhao Daduo, Yang Zili, etc.), and "Fight with the Epidemic" (by Wang Jun, etc.)

They overcame many difficulties and used the form of "Cloud Cooperation" to record the chorus during the epidemic period. Even in the case of tight funding, they paid their own money to record works in the studio. All of these are to praise the great motherland, the great Party, and the people who have worked hard to fight the epidemic!

Class Tutor's Heart: "A Sweet Potato, Warmed Me All Night"

On this unusual night, the students of Chinese language class 3 of grade 2019 received several bags of special gifts: hot boiled sweet potatoes. This is the simplest gift from Wei Gang, their class tutor and teacher of Chinese department.

Sweet potatoes, though small, are priceless. In the eyes of the students, their class tutor can not only move the classic reading class to Du Fu thatched cottage, but also lead them to hold a novel "Reading Report Party" and bring "Midnight Snack" to the students waiting for testing in the cold wind, which not only warms the stomach, but also warms the heart.

The students in the class official account "I Can Learn Because I Haven’t Been Bald" wrote: "Sweet potatoes are not what is rare, but they bring us all the warmth and moving, because we know that at such times, some people care about our lives and care for our food."

True Feelings Can Occupy the Screen: Ideological and Political Work in the Circle of Friends and WeChat Groups

From the evening of nucleic acid detection to the sunny morning of the next day, teachers and students of the College of Humanities have been active in the circle of friends and WeChat group.

The teachers comforted the students with warm words: "Please don't panic. Listen to the arrangement of the school. When you go out for nucleic acid testing, you must wear thick clothes. The teacher believes that everyone will be well. Our Pixian Bean Paste will win!"

Wang Wei, an undergraduate majoring in advertising in 2017, and Liu Yunxi, a postgraduate majoring in communication in 2019, took pictures of nucleic acid testing in the early morning on the campus.

In the circle of friends and WeChat groups, more teachers and students shared the persistence of medical staff, the warmth of volunteers, the hard work of counselors, the order of the school, the strength of the organization, and all these have become the true feelings of Southwest Jiaotong University.

How can all this not be ideological and political? These warm feelings are deeply rooted in the hearts of teachers and students of Humanities and Southwest Jiaotong University. They are comparable to any ideological and political course and any patriotic education.

The College of Humanities has a warm heart. We should pay tribute to the medical staff in white, to the teachers and students who did nucleic acid testing in a serious and orderly way that night.