A Series of Lectures on Postgraduate Entrance Examination Carried Out Smoothly

Date: December 4, 2020

At 19:00 on December 1, 2020, the Humanities College of Southwest Jiaotong University invited Yang Rui, President of Sichuan Institute of Politics in Beijing Offcn Education &Technology Company, to give a lecture on "22 Postgraduate Entrance Examination Situation Analysis and Zero Basic Postgraduate Entrance Examination Strategy" in classroom X4152 of Xipu Campus. The lecture was presided over by Lu Qin, the Counselor of the graduating class of Humanities College. Students from five liberal arts colleges, including Architecture College, Psychology College, Foreign Language College, Marx College and Humanities College, took part in this meeting for the postgraduate entrance examination.

"Why do students want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and why do they want to take the postgraduate entrance examination?" Yang came straight to the point and pointed out the most concerned problems in the audience's mind with one sentence, which led to the content of this lecture. The content of the lecture was divided into four parts, namely "Situation Analysis of Postgraduate Entrance Examination", "Difficulty Analysis of Postgraduate Entrance Examination", "Common Sense Analysis of Postgraduate Entrance Examination" and "Initiation Plan of Postgraduate Entrance Examination".

In the first plate "Situation Analysis of Postgraduate Entrance Examination", Yang first analyzed the current severe employment situation. She said that this year's target is to create 9 million new jobs, but more than 18.74 million people are seeking employment, including college graduates, college and technical secondary school graduates, retransmitted soldiers, workers transferred from overcapacity, rural transferred labor force and laid-off workers. The overall job shortage is obvious, and the employment pressure cannot be ignored. After that, Yang used specific data to show us the education requirements of the eight state organs and units, proving the advantages of graduate employment.

In the second part of "Difficulty Analysis of Postgraduate Entrance Examination", Yang pointed out: it is not difficult to get into graduate school, but it is difficult to get into famous school. First of all, the proportion of former graduate students is as high as 48.2%, which means that the competition for admission to famous universities is very fierce. Secondly, with the increasing proportion of free students in famous schools, the probability of entering a famous school is also greatly reduced. Moreover, the famous universities gradually get rid of the "only score theory", which makes the students who are not dominant in the undergraduate colleges must have high scores in the first examination to be competitive. Without exception, these reasons increase the difficulty of entering a famous university.

In the third part of "Common Sense Analysis of Postgraduate Entrance Examination", Yang mainly shared some common sense of postgraduate entrance examination. For example, the training objectives of graduate students are divided into academic master and professional master, the learning methods are divided into full-time and part-time, there are one area and two areas in the division of postgraduate entrance examination, the process and important nodes that should be paid attention to in the first and second examinations, and so on. Among them, Yang stressed the importance of preparation, and said that full preparation is a necessary condition for the success of postgraduate entrance examination.

In the last section "Initiation Plan of Postgraduate Entrance Examination", Yang talked about the plan of postgraduate entrance examination start. She pointed out that the matters needing attention in choosing a major for postgraduate entrance examination should be based on the difficulty of the examination, the current employment situation and the time cost of postgraduate education.  Yang also explained the factors that should be considered in choosing a region, which should integrate the subjective, objective and difficult aspects of overall planning.

At the end of the lecture, Yang told everyone that hard work is the necessary magic weapon to win the postgraduate entrance examination. If we can't persevere, we will fall behind and can't pass the postgraduate entrance examination. At 20:30, the lecture ended successfully.