Hawkins County Schools Early Childhood Program

365体育手机投注If you have a child who will be four years old on or before August 15, 2019, he or she may qualify to attend Pre-K. Spaces are limited and income qualifications apply. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact 423-272-7629 Ext. 2052

The Mission of the Hawkins County Schools Early Childhood Program is to provide four-year-old children of Hawkins County with essential skills for success in kindergarten and beyond.

There are four State-Funded Pre-K Classrooms in Hawkins County

  • Bulls Gap Elementary Pre-K
  • Joseph Rogers Pre-K (2)
  • Mt. Carmel Elementary Pre-K
Lori Allen, Director of Early Childhood Programs

Lori Allen
Director of Early Childhood Programs

423-272-7629 Ext. 2052
Email Lori Allen

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does the school system provide transportation for prek students?
365体育手机投注No. The school system does not provide transportation for the prek program. Guardians are responsible for dropping off and picking up prek students.

2.  How do I qualify for PreK?
There are several qualifiers for your child to attend PreK:

  • Your child must be age 4 by August 15 of the current school for which you are applying.
  • Your family must meet federal income guidelines for your family size.
  • You must not live within the city limits of Rogersville.
  • Your federal most-in-need status indicators must rank within the top 20 highest of all applicants.

3.  If I fill out an application, does that mean my child automatically gets to attend?
No. All applications are reviewed and ranked based on the Federal Most-in-Need Indicators list. The top 20 families who rank highest will be the first offered a spot in the prek classrooms.

Off to a great start

365体育手机投注Ways to Get Off to a Great Start!

  • Communicate any concerns you have with your child’s teacher as soon as possible so that interventions can begin. 
  • If you are going to be late arriving to school or absent from school, please call the school or email the teacher and let them know.
  • While you are always welcome in the classroom, please remember that your child will be more focused on you than on the activities in the classroom.
  • Ask your child about what they learned daily. This refreshes their memory and reinforces learning.
  • Being late for school on a regular basis interrupts the class and the learning that is occurring, not to mention your child is missing important lessons. Please make every effort to be on time every day.
  • Teachers request you provide a change of clothes appropriate for the season at school. Accidents happen, so having clothes readily available will help your child get back to learning as soon as possible.
Vonda Catron
Administrative Assistant
administrative sec.

423-272-7629  Ext:2052
Email Vonda Catron